eOrchard Case Study: How eOrchard optimize pistachio production in Spain?

In the scope of the eOP (eOrchard Pistachios) project, eOrchard app was fine-tuned for pistachio growers with the help of the largest vendor of pistachios in Spain, a company named Pistachos del Sol.

The goal of the project was to bring pistachio growing practices in line with the Next Generation of farming concepts. For this purposes, complete solution for Pistachos del Sol 5 orchard blocks was deployed, with collectively dozens of sensors installed, connected to a central Cloud-based platform (eOrchard app), as well as Android and iOS applications through different IoT networks.

Pistachos del Sol orchards are as many other orchards around the world in an area with very limited and often patchy cellular signal coverage. There is no constant electricity while some blocks are irrigated with the use of a labor-intensive delivery of water, which made the deployment technically special. And just those specifics, which were up to today holding many pistachio farms away from the Smart Farming solutions, are being completely addressed by eOrchard system.

After the system was deployed on the orchard blocks of around 100 hectares, it’s performance was metered and observed for 5 months. The results of the deployment and usage of the eOrchard system were astonishing, particularly in the scope of smarter irrigation management and smarter time management. The savings are even greater because we are talking here about young pistachios trees that in comparison to older trees need even more farmer attention for its proper development.

Eager to learn more? Read eOrchard Case Study here.

eOrchard Pistachios Case Study
eOrchard Pistachios Case Study

*eOrchard Pistachio has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and inovation programme, under project DIATOMIC (grant agreement No 761809).

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