eOP among 8 winning consortia

We are proud to announce that together with our partners GeneticAI and Pistachos del Sol, we were selected as one of the winning consortia on the DIATOMIC First Open Call.

With the eOP (eOrchard Pistachios) project we are now one of 8 consortia, that were selected among 85 submitted applications to take part in DIATOMIC.

DIATOMIC is a pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs focused on microelectronics innovation in health, agrifood, and manufacturing sectors. The goal of the DIATOMIC Open Call is to help startups and SMEs, who are seeking to accelerate the time to market of novel digitized products and services, to design, develop and market solution.

This is an important step for us in order to expend eOrchard solution to the new crop – pistachios. Together with our two partners from Spain GeneticAI and Pistachos del Sol, we will fine-tune eOrchard app for pistachio growers around the world – to offer them the best possible solution.

Pistachio orchard

eOrchard will help pistachio producers with decision making, based on IoT technology, BigData, orchard characteristics, and growers activities, to:

  • optimize work activities
  • reduce irrigation (save up to 20%-30% of water)
  • optimize pests control
  • enable access to real-time information through mobile devices
  • improve product traceability
  • and much more.

GeneticAI is a Madrid based company offer a complete set of services for IoT implementation. Its IoT solutions are fully integrated; collect and analyze data to provide valuable information for decision making.

Pistachos del Sol is a Spanish benchmark producer of genetic varieties of pistachio plants, offer technical consulting on pistachio production, purchase pistachios, and market pistachios all around the world.

Elmibit is a Slovenian based Smart Agriculture Software company which develops and operates smart agriculture software products under the brands eVineyard and eOrchard. While eVineyard is already a well-established brand for winegrowers, eOrchard is starting off to address the needs of fruit and nut producers.

If you are a Pistachio grower interested in testing and contributing to smart orchard management solution, please contact us!

*eOrchard Pistachio has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and inovation programme, under project DIATOMIC (grant agreement No 761809).

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