Hello, welcome to eOrchard!

eOrchard is a versatile, complete, and easy to use orchard management software for fruit and nut growers.

Know more, to harvest better results.

eOrchard helps growers better understand their orchards and orchard operations, to improve the production bottom line.


With the help of eOrchard fruit and nut producers can:

  • keep track of activities in orchards and gain insight into costs
  • irrigate smarter to reduce costs up to 20-30%, by keeping desired soil moisture and avoid water runoffs
  • optimize orchard spraying to avoid disease and pest outbreaks, by using objective information on disease development
  • track hand-pick harvesting automatically
  • help growers plan work and estimate budget more efficiently
  • access to real-time information from local and on-site weather stations, and/or from IoT sensors and devices in the orchard

Want to see eOrchard in actions? Register and book a demo call at: https://www.eorchardapp.com/

Here on eOrchard blog you can find useful orchard management tips, latest available precision agriculture technologies, and interesting news from the fruit&nut world.